Flourish Supper Club | Salem, Oregon Lifestyle Photography

I recently had the lovely pleasure of attending a little Indian themed dinner, hosted by a good friend, Hetta, and her best friend whom she met in India, Bethany. Bethany is from Nashville, Tennessee, where she recently started a little monthly gathering called Flourish Supper Club. A place where friends and aquaintences alike come together over a beautifully set, homecooked meal, and share stories, laughter, and “flourish” together. It was so fun that she helped put together one of these gatherings while she was in Oregon! I love the idea of making this a regular get together with different themes, and getting to stretch the creative muscles that go along with creating beautiful tablescapes and meals. All images shot on a Contax 645, with Portra 800 Film, processed by PhotoVision. Food from India Palace.

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