Hi! I'm Kelsee

Oregon native, film photographer. Lover of nature and home and beautiful things. I'm married to David & mama to a sweet, curly-haired boy.

I've been taking photos for as long as I can remember. I found a thrill whenever I could get my hands on a camera, and saved up babysitting money to buy my first DSLR. My passion for portraits grew in early high school, and I was lucky enough to have friends who would model for me nearly every day as I honed my craft. When they weren't around, I was busy stretching my creativity through artistic self portraits. I don't think there was an exact moment that I "decided" on photography. It just kind of fell into place in my life, and before I knew it, it was my full time career.

Your photographs are a priceless investment in your love, your family, and your future. I'm painfully nostalgic and sentimental, so to me, there's just about nothing more important than beautiful photographs of the people and places you love most. My heart swells when I think about the depth of moments I’ve been invited into by my clients, sometimes returning to capture their family many years in a row.

Lifestyle branding sessions are another source of joy for me! I have been given many incredible opportunities to photograph artists at work, which is one of the most inspiring things I’ve experienced. I love to document florists, chefs, bakers, and anyone else who works with their hands to create beauty out of thin air.

I currently book only a handful of sessions per year, as I am focusing mainly on my editing services for other professional photographers in this season of life. Please reach out to discuss availability! I look forward to connecting with you.

I have a deep, unexplainable love for film, (yes, *actual* film!) and use my vintage cameras as much as possible. I find beauty in simplicity and everyday moments. My style lends itself towards the poetic, the moments of beauty that slip through your fingers as time passes by. I'm inspired by nature, and deep personal connection. I love little details, and natural light. I love the way that photography allows me to help people see themselves as beautiful as they truly are.

I believe I'm in the business of creating heirlooms, not snapshots. I have a special love for capturing couples or families in their natural state, interacting and playing together, making breakfast or coffee, or coloring at the kitchen table. The moments that make up your life, but will not last forever. Your home is a sacred space, and the memories created inside of it are absolutely worth documenting. I want to help you see that there is beauty in this daily grind of raising babies and children. These are the moments I look for and take captive - creating images that trigger a sensory memory every time you see them, that takes you right back to that ever-so-fleeting moment in time.

"The details are not the details. They make the design."