Kind Words

"I had the pleasure of hiring Kelsee to take headshots of me while we were both in California and can without hesitation say that she is one of the best photographers in the industry. She made me feel completely calm and at ease throughout the entire process, ensuring that each pose was iust right in order to make me feel my most beautiful. Her images are without a doubt some of the best I have ever seen of myself and there is not a doubt in my mind that she treats each and every client with the same care and attention to detail.”


"Kelsee is so lovely to work with! Both my husband and I loved how she let our natural interactions unfold and it shows so well in the images she captured that are so us. Neither of us is particularity "natural" at taking a good photo, so it speaks so much to Kelsee's gentle energy and skill that she was able to capture us, unselfconsciously, just as we are. Don't hesitate to have Ivy and Gold take your photos!"


"Kelsee took incredible care with my secretive proposal shoot, and the pictures show that! Beautiful colors despite a grayish day in Portland. She really can capture a moment just the way you remember it, and her photography will bring back all the intricate details you've forgotten. Thank you!"