Aelix | Oregon Riverside Lifestyle Photography | Magnolia Rouge Feature

“Peering from some high window; at the gold of November sunset
(and feeling: that if day has to become night this is a beautiful way)”
-E. E. Cummings

I was fortunate enough to have this shoot featured on Magnolia Rouge

This shoot was inspired by the changing of seasons. The transition from light, bright summer, to deep, rich autumn. Reading that excerpt from the poem “Who Are You, Little I” by E. E. Cummings made me see the season change in a different way than I’d seen it before. It made me take what I usually see as a time of pensiveness and melancholy – the change from a light season to a dark one – and instead see it as a time of beauty. The early, but glowing, golden autumn sunsets are almost like a comforting, warm blanket, tucking us in for the sleepy winter season. A simple, yet rich color palate with a bouquet of colored leaves was perfect for representing this lovely, transformative time of year.

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